Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Thoughts on Ioway

Re: The results of the Iowa Republican Caucus, as reported by the Des Moines Register, as of 1:40 am, CST.

High muckety-mucks within the GOP have been quoted, and even recorded, as stating that Romney will be the candidate this year. 
  • So winning the caucus by a whole 8 votes is actually losing.
  • If this was a Democratic caucus, they'd be producing "previously lost" bags of ballots until the Inauguration.
  • Sucks for the high muckety-mucks that the voters didn't get the memo.
Santorum came out of nowhere.  Whoever he has working for him, deserves a raise.  (And Perry should fire whoever he has running his campaign.)

Gingrich is probably as PO'd about Santorum as Romney should be.  (So the Bachman back-stabbing may have been for naught.  Good.)

Maybe the other candidates need to reconsider their position on socially conservative positions.  (I don't necessarily hole with all those positions, myself, but the other candidates should be thinking how to not agree while still appealing to the social conservatives...)

And Romney really needs to work on this, what with having set the standard for what became ObamaCare, and having firmly established himself as a gun banner.  

"No Preference" 135 votes, "Other" 117 votes, and Herman Cain 55 votes.  

Email I received from one of the Tea Party organizations predicts that Rick Perry and Michelle Bachman are about to drop out.  Almost a certainty that Santorum will pick up those votes, if they do.  And that Romney is soooo hosed if that happens...

Honestly?  I wish Sarah Palin was running.  Among the contenders on the ballot in Iowa, I'd probably go for Perry or Gingrich--but Santorum will do.

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