Thursday, February 9, 2012

Dear 94#-xGH*

  1. Driving while talking on your cell phone is illegal in Washington State.
  2. The speed limit in most parking lots is 10 MPH, although in some it is 5.
  3. When you see someone stopped in a parking lot, with their left turn signal on, waiting to turn into a vacant parking space, common courtesy, not to mention decency, would dictate that you not park in that space. 
  4. Parking your Lexus EarthRaper SUV straddling two parking spaces, so that no one else can use either, right in front of a high-traffic store (like the UPS Store), exceeds merely "rude" and reaches out-and-out self-centered asshole status.
The fact that you were in such a hurry to get to the Family Christian Store that you ignored basic traffic rules and your fellow man indicates that
I hope you're haunted by CS Lewis, who can explain "Mere Christianity" to you.

*License plate number partially redacted on advice of counsel.

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TheMinuteman said...

Congratulations. I have selected you for the Liebster blogging award. I have not clue if your readership is below 200. I don't care, you're one of the more obscure blogs I follow so here's the link. Do with it as you please.

Feel free to have fun with it.