Sunday, February 26, 2012


Some of you will, no doubt, have seen blog posts regarding a radical new effort at establishing a radical new  model for internet social networking for the gun culture.  I agree with those who suggest that even naming, let alone linking to, the web site involved would be a mistake, so I'll join  with those who refer to it as "Choke and Chunder."

Part of this parasite's model is to set up profiles of prominent gun bloggers, in the apparent hope that the gullible will be tricked into thinking that the site has the approval and participation of said big-name-blogger.  Suggestions have been made that the site is either some sort of false-flag operation by gun banners, or a click/link farming operation of some kind.

I had assumed that this poor excuse for a blog would have escaped notice, but, alas!  Choke and Chunder disgraced my comments with some bizarre screed about assassinating dinosaurs.


Die, spammer, die!


AuricTech said...

Die, spammer, die!

From your keyboard to God's server....

Drang said...

As Professor Reynolds would say, "Heh."