Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I'm This Many!

Happy Blogoversary to me!

So, according to SiteMeter, the statistics break down like this:
Total 56,347
Average Per Day 86
Average Visit Length 0:46
Last Hour 8
Today 58
This Week 601

Total 75,607
Average Per Day 110
Average Per Visit 1.3
Last Hour 13
Today 79
This Week 767
That's just since I turned Sitemeter on, of course, which was several months in, so the numbers should be slightly higher.

Google says my all time top 5 posts are:

Excluding sources like Google itself, my top referring URLs are
Thanks, folks.

The number one search term? " Air Force Uniform".   Huh.

Not surprisingly, the vast majority of my audience comes from the Anglosphere, although Germany, Russia, and The Netherlands each have more visitors than the UK, Canada, or Australia do individually. Not surprisingly, I have had some hits from South Korea--I visited there often enough, they can return the favor! ;-) --but I have no idea why I've had 361+ hits from Slovenia...

So, what have I learned?  

Beats me.


CTone said...

Happy bloggoversary!

Drang said...

The irony, as anyone who bothered to click the link to Post #1 will notice, is that I posted this the day after the 4th blogoversary...