Wednesday, March 21, 2012

On This Day In History

in 1992, Mrs. Drang became Mrs. Drang.

We finally got the t-shirts yesterday!

We got coffee cups at the time, but I don't have any pictures of those;  apparently, at one point in my Army career my coffee cup became something of a trademark.  "Where's that coffee cup, SFC Drang, the one from your wedding?"  People are weird...

Mrs. Drang has posted several different posts with her pics from the Kite museum; Blogger's interface was not cooperating, which may explain why she doesn't post so often.


Anonymous said...

Where's the crab-shaped kite? :-) Great T's and mucho congrats to you kids!

Drang said...

he didn't get a picture of the crab kite. I think she was distracted by the big, ornate ones. That Chinese "centipede" kite--above it--had 210+/-pieces.

Ms.Elaine-ious said...

We got married at West Seattle's Camp Long. We each had one of their T-shirts, purchased when the hall booking was made. That made everyone in his unit wonder where we were getting married as there was a Camp Long near where he was stationed in S.Korea at the time.

Anonymous said...

Kites are impressive things if you are able to get 'em up in the air!
And marriages likewise! :-)