Friday, March 30, 2012

QOTD, 03/30/2012

It's been interesting to see that during my lifetime we've gone from a time when blacks would be lynched with the approval of the political elite to "keep folks in their place" to where whites can get lynched with the approval of the political elites to "keep folks in their place".

Borepatch, in comments to Tam's post Overheard in the Office: of 0710 today, discussing various celebrities' actions and reactions to the Zimmerman-Martin Affair.

As runner up,  in the same comments thread Bob notes that
Remember the concept of Noblesse Oblige? We need Celeb Oblige in this country, since we have no hereditary aristocracy. The very least we should be able to expect from celebs is that they not publicly shit on the peasantry.
I hereby award thee each on Internet. Display it proudly.

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