Monday, April 2, 2012

Birthday Dinner

Our favorite restaurant in Seattle is Palisades*, at the Elliot Bay Marina. Depending on time of day, weather, and where your table is, you will have a view of the marina, the Seattle sky line, West Seattle, and, perhaps, Mount Rainier and the Olympic Peninsula. The food is superb, the wine list extensive, and the service is excellent.  A few years ago we had dinner there with the folks from Mrs. Drang's office, and the chef was so happy with the product he got from them that he comped us appetizers, the entire wait staff was coming by to say "hi", and the sommelier spent much of the evening chatting with us.

Still not sure how I got designated the wine guru...

This evening we had a table next to the window, where we could watch the cormorants and kingfishers going for take-out among the large holes-in-the-water-into-which-to-pour-money, the locals feeding sea gulls, Mount Rainier playing hide-and-seek among the clouds, and, almost but not quite, the sunset behind the Olympics.
Cotes-du-Rhone rose, and the remains of the lobster and crab dip appetizer.

Never saw a wine bottle label in Braille!
I had crab cakes, Mrs. Drang had Columbia River King Salmon with a couple of Dungeness Crab-stuffed jumbo prawns. (My favorite in past visits, Dungeness-stuffed halibut, was not on the menu; the halibut season just started, which may have had something to do with it.)

*For special-occasion, price is no, er, little object dining.  For "I don't feel like cooking" dining, Black Bear Diner has excellent family fare for a reasonable price, and is only a couple of blocks from Neue Schloss Drang.  If you have a two or three hour layover near SeaTac Airport, we highly recommend Dave's Diner a few blocks from the terminal, on 188th.

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