Thursday, April 12, 2012

Care Package pro-tip

Costco currently (as of today's coupon pack) has a manufacturer's instant rebate of $3.25 for a 24-pack of Starbucks VIA instant coffee.*  That's $12.74 instead of $15.99, which brings it down to what about a cup of coffee should cost. 

If you're not a coffee drinker I can't explain to you how unusual it is for instant coffee to taste as good as VIA does--it's a good cup of coffee.  (Many will tell you that it's better than a cup of Starbucks' drip.  A matter of taste, of course.)

If you've never actually  had your muddy boots on the ground someplace in close proximity to unfriendly natives, I can't explain to you what a cup of good coffee can do for your morale.

If you know someone who's deployed, or know someone who is putting together care packages for the Troops, I highly recommend this as an addition.

Another pro tip: Don't go shopping at Costco on the first day the new coupon pack is valid. Egad!

*"Limit three."  I have no idea, as yet, if that's "three per membership, ever", or "three per visit."  I have a co-worker who is deployed, and Mrs. Drang is a Soldiers Angel for a Marine, so I suspect we'll find out...

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