Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I Am Disappoint

Twice over.

While there are a myriad stories out there of GPS units telling people to hang a left where there is no left to hang, the navigation program on my Droid today tried to tell me to drive 15 miles to an emissions testing station in Seattle when there are three much closer, including one about two miles away, at the time I initiated the search. (I knew generally where it was, not which way to turn, at which intersection.)

Then, to make matters worse, when I got there, the Drangmobile passed the inspection, so I failed at making sweet hippy tears on Earth Day. Damn it.


JeanC said...

I can beat that one. Try sitting outside City Hall and the nearest city hall the GPS will locate is in the next town over. We'd gotten a Garman thru Newegg (long story short, Newegg is on hubby's shit list now) that apparently didn't have ANYTHING here in Moscow listed. Garmen checked and it has been discovered the maps they are provided by whoever are not complete and very rarely are updated properly and not just in our area. SO Hubby is working on finding a decent GPS program for his smart phone since the vast majority of GPS' use that companies map software.

Drang said...

This is the first time Verizon's Navigator program has failed me, on either the Droids or on the Moto WinMo phones we had previously.

I actually suspect that at least part of the blame falls on the WA state dept. of Ecology for not maintaining the database of the test stations, although Google Maps did successfully show me which turn I needed to make.