Tuesday, April 17, 2012


The newest addition to the Cabela's chain will open soon on the Tulalip Reservation here in Washington state.

Too bad a Concealed Pistol Licenses are not valid on The Rez.
1) A person commits the offense of carrying a concealed weapon by knowingly carrying or bearing a dirk, dagger, pistol, revolver, slingshot, sword cane, billy club, knuckles made of any metal or other hard substance, knife having a blade at least 4 inches long, non-safety type razor, or any other deadly weapon which is wholly or partially covered by the clothing or wearing apparel of the person carrying the weapon, or is carried any place within the occupant compartment of a motor vehicle.
2) Subsection (1) does not apply to:
a) any law enforcement officer;
b) a person authorized by a judge of the Tribal Court to carry a concealed weapon;
c) a person permitted under state and tribal law to carry a concealed weapon; or
d) the carrying of arms on one's own premises or at one's home or place of business.
3) Carrying a concealed weapon is a Class C offense.
Note that Subsection 2c) says "state AND tribal law", not "state OR tribal law."

Mind you, Section 11.35 of the Tribal regulations states that
(2) A person who lawfully obtains and possesses a current Washington State concealed pistol license may obtain a tribal license by submitting the existing state license to the Tulalip chief of police along with the tribal application. The chief of police may grant the tribal license by endorsing the state license with his or her signature and date.

"May grant..." So it's discretionary issue. And I'm not sure how the state, or the Chief of Police where I live, will feel about another CLEO "endorsing" the permit they issued...

So sorry to hear that the brand new Cabela's is going out of business before it even opened...

UPDATE:  Cabela's Customer Service Department says that the store is "adjacent to", not "on", the reservation.  I question whether whoever answers the phone for Cabela's Customer Service Department is in any position to actually know that.

I could not find any reference to the actual location, On- or Off- Reservation, on Cabela's website at all, although others say they found this there:
Cabela's Tulalip, Washington store is located within Quil Ceda Village on the Tulalip Tribes Indian reservation adjacent to Marysville about 30 miles north of Seattle along Interstate 5. The 110,000-square-foot store is designed to immerse customers in the outdoor experience and includes conservation-themed wildlife displays and trophy animal mounts. Overflow parking with shuttle service is available at Boom City.
"Boom City" sounds like a Reservation fireworks stand.
And I found this:
Welcome to Quil Ceda Village, a tribal city located within the boundaries of the Tulalip Tribes Indian Reservation. Approximately 30 minutes north of Seattle and 1 hour and 20 minutes south of the Canadian border, this growing commercial center and shopping hot spot is home to local culture and a variety of businesses.
Frankly, it's far enough north that it is highly unlikely that I will ever be going there anyway--the Lacey location is less inconvenient, and I can bribe Mrs. Drang with a stop at Shipwreck Beads. (Not that she hates Cabela's.)

But this is an issue that needs resolution.


DaddyBear said...

What we have here is a failure to research your location and your target customer base.

We have one opening a few miles from here. I'll have to check it out.

Drang said...

Or, a better idea of the market than I have; I posted this on Shooter's Northwest, and the comments are running pretty much 100% "Concealed means concealed", with no apparent concern for what the tribal justice system might do if they get caught.

DirtCrashr said...

Did they get a sweetheart deal from the Rez on the construction permit?

Drang said...

As to that, I have no knowledge, but if I was a betting man, I bet that'd be the way the odds would go...

Anonymous said...

Huh. The whole rez? I need to look up the borders.. doesn't I-5 go through? Does this include the outlet stores? The big Walmart n' stuff? Used to run up that way all the time when I lived in the North end.
-- Erik from Seattle

Drang said...

State law applies on state highways that run through the rez.

DirtCrashr said...

I'm sure some palms got greased on the construction side, that's The Way of the Developer and the Northwest may still enjoy the Potlatch festivities...
Still it's closer than my nearest Cabela's, the one up in Reno.
I hate their mail-order/internet coupon policy though.