Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Taking the High Road...

...to ruin:

Stratfor Emails Show Democrats Stuffed Ballot Boxes in Ohio and Pennsylvania in 2008 | The Gateway Pundit
John McCain’s 2008 campaign staff allegedly had evidence that Democrats stuffed ballot boxes in Pennsylvania and Ohio on election night, but McCain chose not to pursue voter fraud, according to internal Stratfor emails published by WikiLeaks.
After discussions with his inner circle, which explains the delay in his speech, McCain decided not to pursue the voter fraud in PA and Ohio, despite his staff’s desire to make it an issue. He said no. Staff felt they could get a federal injunction to stop the process. McCain felt the crowds assembled in support of Obama and such would be detrimental to our country and it would do our nation no good for this to drag out like last go around, coupled with the possibility of domestic violence.
Professor Reynolds says it was a  BAD CALL
John McCain, the 2008 Election, and Civil Unrest.
What we do know is this: First, that people in the McCain campaign thought they had evidence of election tampering that cost McCain the election. Second, that McCain thought it best for the country to do nothing about it, in part because of fears of mob violence.
America is coasting along a slippery surface, and small concessions to the mob can resonate in ways we can’t predict. In seven months, we have a chance to reverse the mistakes of 2008, even if only to stand up to the mob this time. . . .
If you are sitting on the couch on Election Day watching it on TV, if you are at work instead of not using available leave, if you aren’t inside the polls on Election Day to prevent the mess of 2008 from repeating, you aren’t doing enough. If not 2012, when?


DirtCrashr said...

The number of spoiled pant-load retards who say they're just going to sit it out is just astonishing, especially for otherwise intelligent people they really have a monstrous blind spot the size of their ego.

LibertyNews said...

McCain is a wuss. We already knew that.

But I disagree with their math. Even if he had carried Ohio and Pennsylvania he would not have had enough electoral votes to win.