Friday, April 27, 2012

WTF?! GOP Edition

King County GOP leader boots caucus outside after Ron Paul backers take over | Politics Northwest | The Seattle Times

Over the weekend, Republicans in the 37th Legislative District gathered to choose delegates to the state GOP convention.

The caucus started out Saturday morning inside Dimmitt Middle School. But it didn't end inside the building.

After supporters of Texas Congressman Ron Paul elected one of their own to chair of the meeting, the gathering was booted to an outside basketball court by King County Republican Party Chairman Lori Sotelo.

The move came after attendees irritated Sotelo by rejecting her choice to run the caucus - former King County Councilman David Irons.

Instead, the group voted for Tamara Smilanich*, a Paul supporter.

That prompted Sotelo to declare the meeting was no longer a Republican Party event - but a Ron Paul campaign event.

(More at the link.)

Sounds like some RINO is a sore loser. And/or a control freak, and/or has the 37th District GOP Caucus confused with "Lori Sotelo's Private Party."

Note to GOP: If you want to appeal to folk like me--and you do--you'll purge the ranks of folk like her.

*I have a nearly overwhelming urge to contact her and ask if she's any relation to Drill Sergeant Daily's colleague, SSG Smilonich. "Nearly", because I'm not sure I want to know. Besides, it's been so long I might be remembering the name wrong...
BTW, I opted for "not-new user interface", but this is not the not-new-user interface I'm used to...

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