Monday, April 9, 2012

Meanwhile, in the Hermit Kingdom... (Title added)

Zero Hedge has pics:   North Korean Rocket Prepped For Take Off - Launchpad Photos And Videos | ZeroHedge.  Fred Pruitt's Rantberg has more, but it's archived by now:  N. Korea Completes Assembling Rocket, North Korea 'building tunnel for third nuclear test'.  (Titles of posts go to source links.)


Apparently the Japanese have deployed Patriot-3s throughout the Home Islands.  Not sure the ROKs have them, but, as of 2000, we had them in the Republic of Korea, so it's a moot point.

Plus, of course, this missile test will probably demonstrate the same degree of competence the north Koreans have shown at... well, just about everything, frankly.

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Brigid said...

If I recall, their previous attempts to launch anything did not go well.