Thursday, May 31, 2012

Battlespace Preperation

By way of Bobbi and Tam, I learned yesterday AM that China Condemns U.S. Gun Ownership As Human Rights Violation.  (Also at the commies' NY Consulate, Full Text of Human Rights Record of the United States in 2011; and at David Codrea.)

Meanwhile, by way of Daily Pundit, it seems that China Daily feels that US Memorial Day marked by excessive patriotism|.

I do believe that we have here a new definition of "chutzpah."  The old definition, of course, was murdering your parents and then pleading for mercy as an orphan.

Now, it's murdering a hundred million citizens subjects, either by shooting or starvation or grinding them under the treads of tanks on global television, ruining your agricultural base so millions more starve, ruining schools and more farms by forcing the adoption of an absurd "micro-industrial" model, restricting reproductive rights, forcing mass migration, Great Leaps Forward and Cultural Revolutions, destroying thousands of years of cultural artifacts, invading other nations with no cultural or linguistic relationship, committing cultural genocide by suppressing those nations cultures, languages, and religions, and then claiming that "Oceania has always been part of..." they have always been part of your country...

...lecturing other nations that point out your failings to mind their own business...

...And then telling Americans (and the world) that the facts that Americans love their country and own a lot of guns is an indication that America is some kind of hell hole where "basic human rights" are denied or non-existent...

I see the following possibilities:
  1. The Chicoms are hoping that liberals/progressives/socialists/Occutards will believe it, and that they can get Obama re-elected "to fix it."
  2. The Chicoms have given up on Obama, see a great conflict coming, and this is Battlespace Preparation1.  That is, they are hoping to weaken public opinion at home (a la Viet Nam) and to isolate us internationally, before that reckless cowboy Romney is elected...
  3. Either way, they are angling to have reduce our effectiveness in the United Nations, which is about to consider a world treaty on small arms, including restrictions on private ownership of same.
 This all reads like standard-issue commie propaganda, White variety2.

Things to consider:
  • China's economy is in no better shape than ours, and is possibly worse.  Just because they can build a lot of factories, and pay the slaves peasants workforce a pittance, does not mean they are prosperous or even developing.  See reports of phantom cities, for example.
  • China can buy a surplus Russian aircraft carrier, but it still can't round up enough canoes to invade Taiwan3.  Hell, they're having trouble getting that flattop shipshape, let alone sea-worthy.
  • They outnumber us.  So what?  Westerners have always been fascinated by the sheer size of the Chinese population, convinced that it was the ultimate market, or an invincible force.  Neither.  It's a lot of peasants. And those peasants are broken up into a multitude of ethnic groups, most of whom don't care for each other, or Beijing. Works for whatever bunch of bandits are currently running things, as long as the MPs have plenty of ammo.  Don't run out.
Now, I'm not saying I think the commies are planning on initiating force with us.  I think they'd be utter idiots to do so.  If they do, I advise them to take out the entire Anglosphere, including all of it's deployed military forces.  Especially any SSBNs that may be lurking... anywhere, really.

1.  What we used to call Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield; propaganda falls under Psychological Operations, which in turn falls under Military Intelligence.
2.  Propaganda comes in three basic flavors, white, gray, and black.  White propaganda is attributed to the force or organization that devised it, i.e., the Voice of America, Radio Free Europe, etc.  Gray propaganda is attributed to a third party, i.e., any reporting in the MSM about the Great and Good Saint Obama.  And black propaganda is either unattributed, or is run by a "false flag" operation.  Any of the three may be either the truth, the truth "spun" to make one side look good or bad, or a pack of bald-faced lies. 
3.  Yes, I know, they could pull something sneaky involving special operations forces secreted in great big wooden horses on container ships.  Calls for a lot of coordination and luck.   Any nation that tries such an operation based on luck deserves to get it's ass kicked.

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