Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What light 'pon yon' liberal head breaks...?

Denny Westneat has a column in the Seattle Times, about 99% of the time, endorsing liberal, progressive, ideas. I stopped taking a paper years ago, when I realized it was cluttering the house for the sake of some coupons we could usually pick up in the store, and comics I could read online. (Plus, the Seattle Times' subscription department is stocked with utter imbeciles...)

While looking for updates on the situation in the aftermath of the peaceful, law-abiding anarchists' and commies May Day downtown Seattle picnics, I stumbled on his latest: Both sides fire away at idea of gun education in the schools | Danny Westneat | The Seattle Times.

Last week, when I wrote that we are so awash in guns we may as well teach gun safety in the schools, people across the political spectrum had fainting spells.

Conservatives because I was suggesting this. Some liberals because anyone was suggesting this.

I can only assume that the reason I hadn't heard he suggested this is that most other people who would be all over it--including volunteering to teach the classes--is that I am far from the only one to be ignoring the Seattle Times these days. (I remember Dave Workman saying he was glad he was quoted correctly, but I failed to follow up. Sorry, Dave.)

Even more shocking than seeing Denny Westneat pushing such an idea, was this bit of correspondence he quotes in this (new) column:

So it was a welcome news flash, to me anyway, when the liberal, Democratic and teachers-union-endorsed head of the state Senate Education Committee called to say she's all in for the gun-classes idea.

"I'm not a gun person, but guns are here to stay and you can't prohibit them," said Sen. Rosemary McAuliffe, D-Bothell. "Shouldn't our kids know what to do when they see one?"

McAuliffe has introduced a resolution for the state to promote the use of the National Rifle Association's Gun Safety Program in schools. She co-sponsored it with some gun-rights conservatives, such as Sen. Pam Roach, R-Auburn. (It was introduced near the end of the last legislative session and won't be up for a vote until next year.)

The thing is, the Washington State Legislature passed a "sense of congress" type of thing endorsing teaching Eddie Eagle in the schools in Washington State years ago. It was never followed up, anywhere in the state that I know of.

NOTE: In the original column, the idea of teaching Eddie Eagle in schools was suggested by Dave Workman, I guess Westneat is on board with it now...

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