Wednesday, June 6, 2012


New definition of "pathetic": Happiness at noticing that the price of gasoline has dropped from $4.189 to $4.169.

Plus, of course, the whole three cents a gallon "club card holder" discount.

I'm thinkin' the next Drangmobile will be a diesel, it's running three or four six or seven {fixt--DWD} cents a gallon less than low-test no-lead.

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Anonymous said...

Wanting a TDI myself, but scared by sticker shock when I look at the values used ones hold. I am still finding it worth paying extra for the no-corn gas -- pay 5-10% more for it, but get 10% better mileage plus better performance. Plus, I like it. But yeah, diesel. Stores better, so many advantages. The transition will be interesting.
-- Erik from Seattle