Friday, August 24, 2012

Gun Blogger Rendezvous VII Schedule

GBR-VII Schedule 

Click that link for th most up-to-date text version.  

I have created a Google Calendar for GBR-VII; that link goes to the html version.  

I think these work correctly: XML version, ICAL version.

 Check the Gun Blogger Rendezvous site regularly, as any updates are sure to be posted there long before I  make the appropriate changes to the Google Calendar, but it should (I hope!) be easier to load this on your smart phone, tablet, etc.

NOTE:  Not sure why, but the links in this post show up as BOLD text, not the more usual underlined blue.  

NOTE the second:  When you click on the calendar, it WILL go to "today", not the start of GBR.  There are only five days worth of entries, if I can restrict the display to those five days, I don't know how.  Sorry.

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