Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A few more on Romney/Ryan

Larry Correia: Economists for Romney and my opinion on Paul Ryan « Monster Hunter Nation.  Key 'graphs:
Paul Ryan is a moderate republican who stayed awake through accounting 201.
You want an example of extreme, how about Harry Reid and the democrat senate not passing a budget for THREE YEARS… Think about that. We were able to pass budgets during the Civil War. What’s their excuse now? Paul Ryan is so extreme that his budget got a couple hundred votes, while Barack Obama’s budget got zero.
Ryan’s budget is only extreme if you operate under the belief that having 51% of Americans pay no tax at all and over 100,000,000 Americans on some form of welfare is a good thing. Ryan’s budget is only extreme if you think that every single government program is sacred and can’t be cut at all, ever. The second you start to cut any program you get the screams of anguish and suffering and killing grandma and blah blah blah, so nothing ever gets cut, so the government just keeps on getting bigger and stupider, until it will inevitably mathmatically collapse. Then we get to leave our kid’s generation to figure out how to pay the tab. Bravo, democrats. How very extreme of you.
Two from the Wall Street Journal:
I think anyone wishing for an ideological pure candidate team should keep in mind that it has been said that Politics is the Art of the Possible, and Milton and Rose Friedman are not available in any case.

Good Lord, though, what a wonderful administration that would be!

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