Thursday, August 16, 2012

Your Tunage for Today

And maybe every day.

Inspired by I had lunch with my fellow Americans today | An NC Gun Blog, in which Sean goes and has lunch with people who don;'t look or (probably) talk like him, but finds that
I am a patriot. The sight of the flag makes me happy. I believe in America and in Americans. I take second place to no one in love for my country. The Sikh speakers, especially the President of the temple, exceeded me in patriotism by a long shot. America is not blood, and it’s not soil. America is ideas, and the people who believe them. These were Americans. They might have been born here or far away. But once they started talking about America, the “best” and “safest country in the world”, you could tell that they were Americans. These are not scare quotes, these are direct quotes from the speakers. Thomas Jefferson might have had a problem understanding the accents, but not the sentiments.
I'll be honest. Mr. Tippin's video at the head of the page makes me tear up a bit. So did reading Mr. Sorrentino's words. I got to Sean's post by way of Robb Allen's post There are Americans among us, in which he noted
I am constantly reminded, throughout my life, that I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I was born into the greatest country this planet has ever seen. My citizenship was given to me by virtue of my birth. I am reminded about this many times by other Americans who have had to work relentlessly to call this place home. And it makes me proud.
All I can say is "Hoo-Ah!" (Actually, I'll translate for the Pantsless One, he having been one of Uncle Sam's Misguided Children: "Ooh-Rah!")

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NotClauswitz said...

Since I was born overseas and not on an Army base or at the Embassy, I had to get Immigration and Naturalization papers done by the U.S. Consul General (those same papers people say Obama never needed), I can't quite "get" why my Lefty parents want to change everything so much to their biased way of thinking and looking...