Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Thought it was a set-up

I thought we were witnessing the September Surprise that was allegedly going so ensure His Imperial Majesty re-election.  I thought he was magically going to grow a spine and Do Something that was going to cow the goat-fucking baby-murdering wogs into submission, that would so over-awe all our enemies in the world that Pax Americana would last until the seas rose again...

...But no.  Instead, he's just as spineless a shitweasel as he ever was.

And stupid.  Those claims he was the Smartest President EV-AHR!?  Bullshit.  He's so stupid he's continuing with his God Damned re-election campaign trips as though nothing else were going on, ni the face of
  1. A Foreign Policy/Affairs Crisis that involves not one, but two* acts of war, and which
  2. If handled properly, would lock in re-election for him.
But he's such a narcissist he fails to see that.  He won't even discuss it with his Peanut Gallery, AKA The Press!

 *At least two.  Murder of an ambassador as well as storming the Cairo embassy.  Not sure what the status is of a consulate on the Acts-Of-War spectrum.

I notice that, while the murder of Ambassador Stevens is at the top of Google's current news round-up, you have to search for "Cairo", "Benghazi","Egypt", or "Libya."  Google News

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