Monday, November 5, 2012

WTF? of the day, 11/05/12

Victoria’s Secret show tosses hurricane-relief Guardsmen out of armory -
Last Updated: 5:24 AM, November 5, 2012
Posted: 2:06 AM, November 5, 2012The Victoria’s Secret show must go on — even if it means kicking out hardworking men and women in uniform.
Dozens of National Guardsmen, and Army and Air Force personnel who have been sleeping at Manhattan’s Lexington Armory in between hurricane-relief shifts are being booted — to make room for Victoria’s Secret models in anticipation of Wednesday’s runway show.
There's a whole lotta WTF? in a short article, but the next-to-last 'graph threw in another:
A massive transformer generator was being brought in for the show...
Then again: New York City Marathon canceled but still has generators and supplies unused in park in spite of Hurricane Sandy recovery needs -

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Richard Blaine said...

Hey New York is the Fashion Center of the world. (Paris is the fashion center of the Universe). Of course the show must go on. It's Fashion, nothing else really matters.