Monday, December 3, 2012

Fire Bob Costas! + NEW! QOTD!

On Facebook: Fire Bob Costas for his un-American comments on gun control.

Some in case you  missed it, some overdeveloped millionaire football player offed his girlfriend and himself.

A local newscaster went off on a rant about how it was all the eeeeevil guns' fault, and no one should be allowed to have an eeeeevil gun because not even professional athletes can resist the mind control rays.

Fox Sports "personality" Bob Costas repeated the rant.

I can't stand professional athletes as a group anyway--individually, some are fine people, but as a group they tend to be highly overpaid, entitled, arrogant asses--nor the talking heads on  news and (especially) sports shows---ditto.  I  mourn the loss of life in this and similar tragedies, but yet another example of "celebrities" demonstrating that a specific skill set or talent that brings one fame does not, in fact, prevent one from being an ignorant ass.

UPDATE: This just in, Larry Correia with the QOTD, from Twitter:
Yes, Bob Costas, there is literally no other way for a professional athlete who can bench press 500 pounds to hurt somebody without a gun.


Anonymous said...

I think Bob Costas should be fired. Only an idiot would make such a comment on national tv. I didn't like him before his comment was made and I certainly would be happy if he lost his job for expressing his unamerican opinion about this tragedy.
Stupid people, like he appears to be,can use a statement to attack law-abiding citizens rights to protect themselves if the need arises. It's just does'nt make sense to not have that right.

Anonymous said...

Bob Costas has never played a sport or fired a gun What makes him an authority on any of this.
He is just another Liberal from the Northeast. I prefer Joe Buck anyway.

Drang said...

Mr. Costas is, of course, entitled to his opinion, as are we.

At the least, talking heads should restrict their bloviating to OpEd segments, and even there they must be aware that there might be kick-back when they are particularly egregious. SEE: Zumbo.

Anonymous said...

Does the Nicole Simpson case support your argument Bob? I don't think her Killer needed a gun. Maybe you should have checked with O.J. before you made your statement?

Anonymous said...

I believe the man should be fired - immediately. Commentators that have access to such powerful communication medium(s) should be held to a much stricter standard and restriction regarding the 1st amendment, and his employer should step in if he can't control himself. I feel Bob Costas and his self-absorbed reckless ilk are a detriment to humanity.