Friday, December 14, 2012

First World Problems

AKA "This modern world of yours fascinates me", with a hat tip to Tamara.

The AC and USB connections on Delta's 757-200 are hidden well, and I'm surprised no flight attendant yelled at me for blocking the aisle when I got down on hands and knees, with my fourth point of contact hanging out there. 
Plus, the USB ports don't have enough juice to charge my tablet.

Getting up at 0200 to go on vacation sucks almost as much as getting up at 0200 to go to work.

I should probably be embarrassed at being such a cheapskate that I won't pay $5 for Wi-Fi on a plane or in the airport, but it's not worth the effort.

The slidewalk between the "A" and "B" concourses moves just a smidgen faster than it's handrail. I had to slide the laptop case forward to keep from losing it.
Reading Sir Winston Churchill is a good way to improve your vocabulary. Apparently, the dictionary the Kindle app on my tablet uses could stand having it's vocabulary improved, there were a few words it didn't know, either.

Legroom in a bulkhead seat in first class (thanks, unused timeshare credits!) isn't quite as generous as a regular first class row. Maybe I should call it "footroom". Either way, this certainly qualifies as a First World Problem.


NotClauswitz said...

There's wi-fi on a 757-200 - does United know this? ;-)

Drang said...

They know they could have it if they wanted it...