Wednesday, January 30, 2013

As a native of Detroit I find this appalling

See, people still recoil when they learn that I'm from "Murder City", even though many cities had higher murder rates than Motown for most of those years. And, in truth, Detroit has been a rougher town than most, going back to Pontiac's Rebellion, at least.


Time For That ‘National Conversation’ About Chicago: 11 Shot, Three Dead Today | Jammie Wearing Fools, and Instapundit » Blog Archive » GUN CONTROL ON RAHM EMANUEL’S WATCH: Chicago murders top Afghanistan death toll. (h/t Bill.  Among others.)

And my guns are at fault? Taking my guns away from me will fix violence in a town where everything I own was illegal until recently, and the Powers That Be are fighting every change every inch of th way?

These Windy City types need to keep in mind that, when Al Capone tried to move into Detroit, the Purple Gang ran him out...

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