Monday, January 21, 2013

Custom Picatinny Rail Covers

Saw this on Facespace, had to share here. Custom Gun Rails, Inc.
Your source of unique weapons personalization. We provide a variety of customizable rail covers sure to meet your personal or professional needs. Our products are made of state of the art materials and are designed with the operator in mind. Our solutions range from inventory control to custom military/law enforcement badges, insignia, patches and beyond.
They have many US Army unit patches,
but no Second Infantry Division cover, boooo!
They can do custom work,
so you could have a unit or organizational cover,
or a souvenir for an event.
Someone's nickname, I ass-you-me.
They can also do photos.

They have Picatinny rail dog tag holders, and do the laser engraving thing on dog tags!  I can recall a few arms rooms that would have helped...
Inventory control 1?
Inventory Control 2?

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