Sunday, January 20, 2013

Fun show! Double Update

Got here 0900-ish, no problem parking, no line @gate. Line for Washington Arms Collectors membership was not unreasonable.
As expected, everything AR is priced through the roof--lowers are $300.00+, if you can find them. 5.56mm ammo is going for $1.50+/round, but you can find it.
I  saw a Lorcin for $250!!!
Dude had AR lowers etched with a "middle finger" and the words "Barack Obama."
More in a bit.
Okay, found AR lowers for $200-250, "while they last." ARs are running $1500+ for what would have been $750 two months ago; uppers are $750+.
Beat-to-crap, used GI surplus AR mags are $15, new ones in the wrapper are $25.  PMags are $45 and up.
Ray Carter says the line for WAC membership was out the door and around the building yesterday; not quite as bad today. He also said that the Second Amendment Foundation took in almost 6 times as much as their usual take from a show.
The price for scatterguns, even evil black ones of the Remington or Mossberg persuasion, as well as 1911s and the various Glocks, S&W, and Springfield plastic fantastic pistols does not seem to be higher than normal, although some dealers are charging a premium for the extended (25+) capacity pistol mags.
I've noticed that the shows that are before payday always seem to have more things I want to buy than the ones after payday.  Sigh.

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