Friday, January 11, 2013

I don't know what they're talking about...

...but they need to GET OFF MY LAWN while they talk. Grumpy & cranky: Does the military make you less agreeable? - Military Off Duty, Army Health, military fitness, army physical fitness - Army Times
Duh!!” With her one-word response, reader Deborah summed up what many thought of a recent study that says military service makes men less “agreeable.”

The research, conducted by German scientists and a Washington University of St. Louis psychology professor, found that young men who enlisted in the military not only were less agreeable — and less neurotic — to begin with than their civilian counterparts, but they stayed that way long after they hung up their uniforms.
In other words, their “give-a-damn” is busted.
“Military service makes men less tolerant and accommodating of undisciplined, neurotic, no-attention-to-detail civilians and the relentless barrage of frivolous crap and bullsh• inundating society,” wrote a former Navy SEAL.

“Too grumpy?” he added.
I've been writing, in my head and off-and-on, a lengthy , perhaps even an uber-, the gist of which can be encapsulated by an observation by my college Psych 102(? Been a couple of years...)  Professor Anderson declared that the ideal, most healthy personal philosophy could be summed upo in the words of an immortal Amercian philosopher, with a minor addition:

Popeye The Sailor Man,  he felt, should have declared
I yam what I yam, and I'm damned glad of it!!!
Any neurotic civilians who don't like it can go take a long walk off a short gang plank.


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