Sunday, January 27, 2013

More on the Seattle "Buy Back"

Re: my post Seattle hosts gun "buy back", hilarity ensues!, the Seattle PD has posted a Clarification On One of The More Interesting Items Brought to Today’s Buyback Event | SPD Blotter, except that I'm not so sure that an expended and "de-milled" launcher tube is illegal to own. Oh, and I have been informed that it's an older Redeye, not a Stinger. The Stinger works. The Redeye was, well, iffy...

Also, Dave Workman weighs in: Seattle’s ‘buyback’ nets mayoral hypocrisy, interesting math - Seattle gun rights |

Apparently, at least as many guns were "bought back" by private citizens as were "turned in" to the city. I saw a report of a cherry Springfield '03-A3 being resuced from Seattle's smelter.

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