Monday, January 14, 2013

Well said, sir, well said

D-bag extraordinaire Piers Morgan recently, on air on CNN, sneeringly referred to the Constitution of the United States of America as "that little book." Now, Mr. Morgan--who is, be it noted, a subject of the British Crown--is already the center of controversy, largely due to the fact that he is
  1. A D-bag extraordinaire who is
  2. A British Crown subject, who nevertheless 
  3. Feels qualified and entitled to come on our TV and criticize our Right to Bear Arms
So I am probably not alone in simply deriding Mr. Morgan for being the pommie D-bag he is, and trying to ignore his bloviations.

Edward von Bear at doubleplusundead has a few more things to say to Mr. Morgan at In Defense of a Little Book.

Warning: Language not suitable for work, school, church, or use in front of your mother. 

But oh, so suitable when directed at smug furriners like Piers Morgan.

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