Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Wonder why Mrs. Drang got all weepy?

The start:

The end:

(They overlap.)
The back story:  The float he was on was sponsored by the Pentagon, for the Military Working Dog Memorial.  He won a contest to be reunited with his family at the Rose Parade; he told his wife he won a contest for a trip to the Rose Parade for her and their son...
Soldier reunited with family in Rose Parade's most surprising moment - latimes.com
A little more video here: Decorated Soldier Reunited With Family During Rose Parade « CBS Los Angeles
He looks awful young to be a Sergeant First Class.  Or maybe it's just me...

(I also note, FWIW, that's is originally from Michigan.)

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NotClauswitz said...

My wife's brother's kid is a Sgt. FC who's on his fourth or fifth tour... Kids these days!