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GOAL Post 2013-4

SUBJECT: GOAL Post 2013-4
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 Legislative Update from Olympia
At least eight new gun bills were filed, good and bad.  HB 1676 by Rep. Ruth Kagi (D-32) is another mandatory safe storage bill similar to the 1997 "Whitney Graves" bill.  HB 1703 by Rep. Laurie Jinkins (D-27) is interesting: it imposes a $25 tax per transfer of any firearm, as well as a tax of one cent per round of ammunition sold... to fund a state-developed firearms safety training program.  Between this and HB 1588/SB 5625, that's a $45 tax on EVERY firearm transferred.  HB 1729 by Rep. Judy Warnick (R-13) adds penalties to street gang members found with firearms, and HB 1788 by Rep. Liz Pike (R-18) would allow qualified school personnel to carry on campus.

On the Senate side, SB 5604 by Sen. Brian Hatfield (D-19) would authorize an NRA license plate.  (I'll just say it once: I believe we'd be better off with a generic "Second Amendment" plate -- it's harder to criticize the Bill of Rights.)  SBs 5625 and 5711 by Sen. Adam Kline (D-37) are similar to HB 1588 -- they require ALL firearm transfers to be conducted by an FFL or by law enforcement, with resulting record keeping (de facto registration) AND a $20 transfer fee (tax).  SB 5635, also by Sen. Kline, makes it harder for firearm rights to be restored. 

Two public hearings are scheduled for next week.  On Wednesday, 13 February at 8:00 a.m., the House Judiciary will take public testimony on HBs 1147, 1588, 1612 and 1676.  On Friday, 15 February also at 8:00 a.m., the Senate Law & Justice Committee will conduct a public hearing on SB 5479.  

If at all possible, PLEASE try to attend the House Judiciary hearing on Wednesday.  It's important that we get as large a pro-gun turn-out as possible to demonstrate our opposition to HBs 1588 and 1676.  HB 1588, especially, as it creates a de facto gun registration system in Washington.  There are ways to conduct background checks that DO NOT retain data on the transfer.  If they want background checks, run a pure background check bill.  If they want registration, call it that and let's debate it.

If you can't attend the hearing, please write to your Representatives AND to the members of the Judiciary Committee and go on record with your opposition to these two bills.  Links to legislator contact information:

House Judiciary Committee:
Rep, Jaime Pedersen (D-43)
Rep. Drew Hansen (D-23)
Rep. Jay Rodne (R-5)
Rep. Steve O'Ban (R-28)
Rep. Roger Goodman (D-45)
Rep. Mike Hope (R-44)
Rep. Laurie Jinkins (D-27)
Rep. Steve Kirby (D-29)
Rep. Brad Klippert (R-8)
Rep. Terry Nealey (R-16)
Rep. Tina Orwall (D-33)
Rep. Mary Helen Roberts (D-21)
Rep. Matt Shea (R-4)

In the "GOAL Position" several bills are marked "CONCERNS."  As mentioned previously, the concerns are based on how the bill might be improperly enforced and ensnare an individual that the bill was never intended to trap.  There is a lot of judicial and prosecutorial flexibility in the system, theoretically enough to preclude this from happening.  That's in a perfect world.  We don't live in a perfect world.

House Bill numbering begins with 1000; Senate Bills with 5000.  The following bills have been filed so far in the 2013-14 biennium:

Bill #
HB 1096
Juvi illegal firearm possession
Hurst (D-31)
H. Jud
HB 1147
1st degree juvi unlawful possess.
Goodman (D-45)
H. Jud
HB 1184
Range protection
Takko (D-19)
H. Jud
HB 1318
CPL renewal notice
Taylor (-15)
H. Jud
HB 1371
WA Firearms Freedom Act
Taylor (R-15)
H. Jud
HB 1383
Stalking protection orders
Goodman (D-45)
H. Jud
HB 1561
Short barreled rifles
Blake (D-19)
H. Jud
HB 1588
Background checks
Pedersen (D-43)
H. Jud
HB 1612
Firearm offender registry
Hope (R-44)
H. Jud
HB 1676
Mandatory safe storage
Kagi (D-32)
H. Jud
HB 1703
Gun "safety" training and tax
Jinkins (D-27)
H. Jud
HB 1729
Street gangs
Warnick (R-13)
H. Jud
HB 1788
Firearms/school employees
Pike (R-18)
H. Jud
SB 5282
DSHS/WSP info exchange
Carrell (R-28)
SB 5376
Juvi illegal firearm possession
Kline (D-37)
SB 5452
Stalking protection orders
Conway (D-29)
SB 5478
Firearms/mental health court
Keiser (D-33)
S. L&J
SB 5479
Safekeeping of firearms
Keiser (D-33)
S. L&J
SB 5485
Mandatory safe storage
Kline (D-37)
S. L&J
SB 5604
NRA license plates
Hatfield (D-19)
S. Trans
HB 5625
Background checks
Kline (D-37)
S. L&J
SB 5635
Restoration of firearm rights
Kline (D-37)
S. L&J
SB 5711
Background checks
Kline (D-37)
S. L&J
Key to abbreviations:  SB = Senate Bill, HB = House Bill, Jud = Judiciary, L&J = Law & Justice, HS&C = Human Services & Corrections, Trans = Transportation


HB 1096     CONCERNS
HB 1147     CONCERNS
HB 1184     SUPPORT
HB 1318     SUPPORT
HB 1371     SUPPORT
HB 1383     CONCERNS
HB 1561     SUPPORT
HB 1588     OPPOSE
HB 1612     CONCERNS
HB 1676     OPPOSE
HB 1703     OPPOSE
HB 1729     SUPPORT
HB 1788     SUPPORT
SB 5282     SUPPORT
SB 5376     CONCERNS
SB 5452     CONCERNS
SB 5478     CONCERNS
SB 5479     OPPOSE
SB 5485     OPPOSE
SB 5604     NEUTRAL
SB 5625     OPPOSE
SB 5635     OPPOSE ?
SB 5711     OPPOSE

13 Feb:
HBs 1147, 1676, 1588, 1612       House Judiciary Committee
8:00 a.m.     House Hearing Room "A"   John L. O'Brien House Office Building

15 Feb        SB 5479                                Senate Law & Justice Committee
8:00 a..m.   Senate Hearing Room "1"        John A. Cherberg Senate Office Building

7 Feb           HB 1383                           House Judiciary Committee
1:30 p.m.    House Hearing Room "A"      John L. O'Brien House Office Building

LEGISLATIVE HOT LINE:  You may reach your Representatives and Senator by calling the Legislative Hotline at 1-800-562-6000.  Toll free!!!  The hearing impaired may obtain TDD access at 1-800-635-9993.  Also toll free!!!
1-800-562-6000   TDD 1-800-635-9993

OTHER DATA:  Copies of pending legislation (bills), legislative schedules and other information are available on the legislature's web site at "".  Bills are available in Acrobat (.pdf) format.  You may download a free version of Adobe Acrobat Reader from Adobe's web site (  You may also obtain hard copy bills, initiatives, etc, in the mail from the Legislative Bill Room FREE OF CHARGE by calling 1-360-786-7573.  Copies of bills may also be ordered toll free by calling the Legislative Hotline at (800) 562-6000.  You may also hear floor and committee hearing action live at (you need "RealAudio" to do this, available free at the TVW web site).

By reading the House and Senate "bill reports" (hbr, sbr) for each bill, you can see how individual committee members voted.  By reading the "roll call" for each bill, you can see how the entire House or Senate voted on any bill.  The beauty of the web site is that ALL this information is available, on line, to any citizen.

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Article 1, Section 24
Constitution of the State of Washington

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