Friday, February 15, 2013

HB - 1908 introduced in Olympia

Saw this on the Seattle Tea party Patriots' Facebook page:
From our friend Elizabeth Scott of the 39th LD:

"I have submitted a bill, House Bill 1908, which will allow licensed concealed carry on school grounds, modeled after the federal Gun Free School Zones Act signed by President Bill Clinton in 1990. (His bill allowed it.) You can read the bill at this link and leave a comment. Please call 1-800-562-6000 on Friday Feb 15th to ask your representatives to cosponsor HB 1908 by 2 pm. The principal at Sandy Hook threw herself at the shooter because she had no weapon. That day could've ended differently.
HB 1908 - 2013-14
Note that the state legislature is trying out a system whereby one can leave a comment on a bill, for or against, (up to 1000 charecters, IIRC) directly on the bill's web page.

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