Monday, February 18, 2013

Is that a Black Helicopter overhead?

Obama lays framework for purge of online opponents - National Conservative |

I've always -- well, almost always -- been one to caution about jumping to conclusions when some government report comes out, but, frankly, His Imperial Majesty Barack Hussein Obama makes it increasingly difficult to advise caution.

Looking at the "fact sheet" Obama's minions on this topic put out, for example, the cautious person might conclude that it is primarily aimed at disseminating facts, to counter enemy propaganda, or to warn of efforts to recruit and organize through the Internet:
Protecting Freedom of Speech: It is important that we continue to protect civil liberties and privacy as we implement an Internet safety approach and that we do not restrict speech. Our focus is on providing communities with information for staying safe online from individuals who are trying to encourage others to commit acts of violence. Our concern with protecting civil liberties and privacy informed the development of our policy and will guide the efforts of the Working Group.
OTOH, there is also the fact that the only ones that the Won actually seems comfortable with calling "enemies" are his political opponents...

Then there's this:
Addressing the Threat: Violent extremists use the Internet to recruit and radicalize Americans to commit acts of violence. We have seen attacks over the last several years in which consumption of propaganda over, and communication through, the Internet played a role in the radicalization of the attacker. The Federal Government will work to make communities more resilient to these messages of hate by raising awareness and providing tools. Informed and resilient communities are our Nation’s first and best line of defense against terrorism.
Just me here, but the only such cases that I am aware of involve Muslim extremists--and they still can't bring themselves to admit it. This does not inspire trust.

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