Monday, February 25, 2013

Liveblogging the Fun Show (FINALER)

Show's in the Pavilion this month, not the usual venue, which means two floors with a "challenging" floor plan, plus overflow in the exhibit space under the grandstands.
{Added for the benefit of those not familiar with these shows:  The Washington ArmsCollectors generally put on two shows a month, one at the Western Washington Fairgrounds in Puyallup, th other at the Evergreen State Fairgrounds in Monroe; a couple of times a year one or the other will be pre-empted by other. larger events at the venue.  The Puyallup show is usually bigger.}

Dude from last month still wants $stupid for his Lorcin.  Beat out by the guy asking $1250 for a complete AR15 lower.

Prize for best sense of humor: Table asking $100 for a Twinkee sealed in a Pelican case.
Valkyrie Arms (link coming) of Olympia is selling reproduction De Lisle carbines (link coming)! (Wikipedia page.)
$2000 suppressed, $1700 w/dummy suppressor, at the show.  (Cost at your Friendly Local Merchant of Death may vary...)
That trips my gun-geek-o-meter on sooooo many levels...
So, ammo is back in supply, but you have to price-compare carefully, and you'd best be prepared to buy in bulk if you want decent prices.
PMags running $35-40, mostly.  GI AR mags running $20-30, depending on new or used.
To my last point: As Tamara has noted that less common calibers may be less dear. Never thought I'd be wishing I'd bought a 5.45 or 5.7 upper for the AR.  (Actually, not sure 5.7mm FN ammo is all that cheap even in bulk.)

And the Build Mrs Drang An AR Project may be on indefinite hold, but, Evil Black Rifles are showing back up, as are components; they all tend to be pretty expensive, as well. Shop carefully.
UPDATE, again, because I'm a total doofus, and forgot:
1) Mrs. Drang tells me that at least one local media outlet had a blurb on Saturday night about how busy the show was, and how all sales were being conducted in accordance with law.  "Unfortunately, we have no video, because cameras are not allowed inside of the show, and we either didn't know that because due diligence, what's that? or we expected them to make an exception for us, and they wouldn't."  Okay, i made that quote up[, but it's the gist.
2) A dealer for Coonan Arms -- the folks who made the .357 magnum 1911s -- were selling a kit that must have been made with a certain town over on The Peninsula in mind: A wooden stake with storage inside for 6 silver plated rounds of .357 Magnum!

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