Sunday, February 24, 2013

Orygun aims for a new low!

and Oregon Gun Ban Bill HB 3200 Includes Police Inspection of Gun Owners’ Homes; Declares “Emergency” | The Patriot Perspective.

Bill here.Summary:
Creates crime of unlawful possession or transfer of assault weapon or large capacity magazine.
Punishes by maximum penalty of 10 years’ imprisonment, $250,000 fine, or both.
Requires current owners to dispose of or register assault weapons and large capacity magazines.
Directs Department of State Police to conduct background checks and maintain registry of assault weapons and large capacity magazines.
Declares emergency, effective on passage.
A scan of the full bill indicates the standard fare for these bills these days, including bans on cosmetic features that cause hoplophobes to fill their pants, like "pistol grips or thumbhole stocks", barrel shrouds, and shoulder things that go up, plus, of course, "register or dispose out of state", mandatory storage and home-inspections of same.  A "large capacity magazine" is defined as more than 10 rounds; someone will have to explain to me why the gun banners are so fixated on the number "ten."

The recently introduced WA legislation along these lines included these features, but at least here the home invasion inspections were limited to once a year; the Beaver Staters apparently decided to one down us, as it were.

Another difference from most of these things is that, in Orygun, one is limited to one "assault weapon" and no more than three assault magazines.

The whole "ZOMG!!! EMERGENCY!!!!! EFFECTIVE SOONEST!!!11!" thing is new, though.

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