Sunday, February 3, 2013

Smith & Wesson Makes It Easy

Preserve America's Rights - Smith & Wesson
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Smith & Wesson is an American company with a 160-year history that is woven into the fabric of this great nation. We are proud to employ more than 1600 people who manufacture our products right here in America. We are a strong and proud supporter of the U.S. Constitution and its amendments, particularly the Second Amendment and the rights that it affords U.S. citizens. We support a comprehensive approach to preventing violence in our communities and a thorough evaluation of the challenges we face. However, like you, we do not support an erosion of fundamental rights in the process.

If you share this view, join with us and our law-abiding customers as we stand up and make our voices heard. This issue affects each of us, so please do not delay in letting your elected officials know that you value your rights, and they should as welll.

Let Your Voice Be Heard: Please click on one of the buttons to the right for an easy way to tell your elected officials that you care about the right to keep and bear arms. The Take Action Now! button allows you to send a prepared email letter quickly and easily. The Find Your Representatives button has detailed contact information for each of your legislators so, if you prefer, you can call them or write a personal letter.

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Bear said...

You need an "irony alert" notice on that. If S&W is going to lay claim to all that "160-year history", they maybe should get around to apologizing for that little '90s contretemps. (Yeah, I know: "different owners" now; but they're riding on that whole company reputation thing, which means they should take responsibility for that whole company reputation thing.)

Drang said...

You are correct, sir, especially as there are still many people out there who somehow missed the fact that Tompkns PLC divested themselves of all holdings in S&W over a decade ago.