Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Earworm, odd combination edition

Or maybe not, I dunno, you tell me.

Anyway, lookin' at LOLCats, saw this:
which led inevitably1 to this:

Yeah, yeah, Edith Piaf was French.  So what.  If all the Krauts in La Legion Etrangere could ignore that, so can I.

I understand The song Non, je ne regrette rienwas adopted by the Legion's 1st Parachute Regiment after their mutiny was quashed.

I had been under the impression that it was officially suppressed, but the Wikipedia article has disabused me of that idea; I suppose that, after all, while the French may have had any aspiration to martial (or any other) greatness bled out of them2, they still appreciate the grand gesture.

1. For me.  Your inevitability may vary.
2. Look, it's common in the Anglophone world to denigrate the martial abilities of the French -- cf. comments about "going deer hunting without an accordion" -- but the fact is that they can. indeed, fight.  As the web site says, especially when led by someone other than a Frenchman.  BTW, have you looked at how badly the Germans have gotten their asses whupped the last hundred years or so?  But no one says "Let's NOT have them on our side."

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