Sunday, March 24, 2013

Fun Show today

Insert Fun Show song here.
I'll try live-blogging it, text only, no photos allowed in the show.
We'll see if the observed trend of supplies loosening up, and prices starting to drift downward, continues.
950 AM: ARs & AR components are more available.
Lots more empty floor space than usual; vendors dropping out due to lack of wares?
ADDED:  AR lowers were as low as $130, at one local dealer.  Complete lowers were running as high as $400.   An upper with barrel no bolt or bolt carrier was $400, complete uppers were on up to $1k.

1040: Sad that $700 seems like a good deal on an M1 Carbine.
Dude has a Dreyse! Among other somewhat (to me) esoterica.
ADDED:  Vendor with the Dreyse was a Sikh selling some very nice knives, as well as some shawls that I fully expected Mrs. Drang to buy one of.  

I've finally seen a Keltec KSG in the wild! $2100.00! Which, IIRC, is not quit a 400% markup over MSRP...
ADDED:  Keltec website now shows MSRP of KSG to be "~@1197.00"; IIRC, it was originally supposed to be something like $800.00.
Same table was selling AR15 bolts for $100.00.

Home again, home again...
Mrs. Drang tells me she saw one vendor  with a sign on his table proclaiming that he takes Paypal.  Not sure how that would work at the show.  
Left about noon, the expected Sunday apres church crowd had not yet begun to arrive.  
When we arrived there was no one in line for membership.
New Banterwear t-shirt I liked.  John also has "Guns and coffee" t-shirts in something besides tactical black and tactical tan, making Mrs. Drang happy.


eriko said...

I went saturday. Some availability of AR uppers w/ bolt carriers at 40% premium. Lots of single ar-15's at 80% markup by people trying to catch the trailing wave. Few if any ar lowers or trigger kits. 7.62x51 $1/round in bulk but available. 5.56 $.75 in bulk and $1 in smaller quantities. Generally the same for 9mm and 40sw. No reloading dies for 5.56 and 7.62 and no bulk bullets and brass either. Primers at $70 a 1000/brick. AR mags $15 to $30 depending on condition.

Drang said...
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Drang said...

Mrs. Drang's impressions: Sunday, March 24th, a Full day

NotClauswitz said...

Like the Banterwear link! Not much on the ammo or fun-front here, looking to re-locate though...

Anonymous said...

Was also there on Sunday.
Got a can-opener for my 7.62x54R spam can.
Walked the aisles for about 3 hours and dreamed. ;^)
-- ARRognlie