Saturday, March 16, 2013

Good Idea!

Happy Resist Tyranny Day! | According To Hoyt.
What?  What do you mean that should be every day in America?  Well, of course it should, but that’s besides the point.  People need little dates and things to remind them of what they should be doing all along.  You know, like Speak Like a Pirate Day, or Pi Day, or “Have You Tipped Your Blogger Lately Day?”  Stuff like that…  er… coff.
I confess that I had fallen a bit behind on my RSS feeds again, and so, when I saw the post at Instapundit,  (Instapundit » Blog Archive » FIRST I MISS NATIONAL POTATO CHIP DAY, NOW THIS: Happy Resist Tyranny Day….), I ass-you-me'd that I'd missed the memo, again.

Guess not.

But Sarah Hoyt's right.

She's also correct that March 15th, the Ides of March, the day in which a bunch of Noble Romans got together to dispose of the Man Who Would Make himself Rome, and Vice Versa, is a good date to observe this movement.

Yes, yes, most authors treat Caesar sympathetically, even Talbot Mundy's Tros of Samothrace books, which Our Hero spends most of opposing Caesar's efforts to rule the world, has them becoming friends in the end.  (Well, before the end.  We all know how it ends, after all.)

And Colleen McCullough's books on Ancient Rome, certainly treat Gaius Iulius Caesar as the hero--the whole series is about him, even though it starts two generations before him, with Gaius Marius--although it takes more of a "warts and all" approach than is common.

And the Republic was dead before Caesar was born, largely, although not entirely, at the hands of Marius and his "frenemy" Sulla. 


I heartily support the idea of "Resist Tyranny Day." 

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