Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"Just window shopping, dear"

4/30/2013 - Firearms and Militaria: Richard L. Wray Collection - Live Salesroom Auction - Cowan's Auctions

Lookie all the neat toys!

Some of them in calibers I couldn't' find even before the Obama Control scare!


Anonymous said...

Oh painful pushings on my greedy buttons. Lovely collection.
-Erik from Seattle

Drang said...

Not legal in WA. :-(

Anonymous said...

I'd own a ranch in Wyoming before I'd shop the way I'd like to in that collection, so, I'd have a (n appropriate) place to have the collection... :D Neat stuff.
- E from S

David aka True Blue Sam said...

My Father-In-Law didn't like the Reising, from his time in the Pacific, but I have read that they were a good gun if kept clean and oiled well. Too bad that I live in Illinois.

Drang said...

My understanding is that the Reising was another decent gun design ruined by poor magazines, but I (obviously) have no first-hand knowledge.