Monday, April 1, 2013

In the immortal words of Davey Crockett...

"You can go to Hell, I'm goin' to Texas." is one of the bigger, and probably controversial, gun boards.  I was quite active there, mostly in the Washington State Hometown Forum, until most of the regulars there jumped ship; I left when they did, although I didn't have the issues they did. To extend a metaphor one of those regulars used when discussing the WAHTF, if you hung out at Joe's Bar because of the house band, and the band opened it's own place, you'd switch to the new place. 

(BTW, the concept of "Hometown Forums"came from one of the WA members; possibly for that reason, the WAHTF was far and away the busiest of all the HTFs, even beyond Texas.)

Anyway.  When suit was filed in New York State against Cuomo's SAFE Act, was listed as a plaintiff.  Word came a week or two ago that they were dropping out on advice of council; basically, it was felt that their status as a plaintiff might prejudice the case. Kudos to Ed Avila, Sr., et alia for agreeing to Do The Right Thing.

Now, as a next step, they've decided to act on Col. Crockett's advice, and are moving to Texas.  To that end they are selling off guns. 

Lots of guns. 

Rules in the first link above.  Go, read, shop, and support them.

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NotClauswitz said...

It's awful fun to look at such a huge collection going up for sale, until you get to the part where it costs money...