Friday, April 19, 2013

Making the facts fit the narrative -- by hook or by crook

Seen on the screen crawl of a TV set to CNN today:
Um, no.

Okay, look, yes, Chechnya is on the eastern edge of Europe.  But it is hardly "European."  More to the point, when as a colleague pointed out today as I was shaking my head over this, "Most people haven't a clue where Chechnya is", to which I replied "They don't know where the Caucasus is, either, but saying 'Caucasian Region' makes it sound like the bombers were Westerners, which bolsters the whole 'murderous Tea Partying NRA members' meme they were trying to push."

The point being, Chechnya is a Muslim nation, which is infamous for it's violence; the Russians fought two bitter wars there, and have threatened more.  The domestic scene is hardly tranquil, and the government is regularly accused of oppression and "ethnic cleansing."

Nevertheless, to the average low information (AKA "Obama") voter, Caucasus=Caucasian=Northern European ("White") man.  (Low information voters, by definition, being unaware of and uninterested in the fact that the Chechens make extensive use of female homicide bombers.)

Looks like they brought it with them.
The brothers who are alleged to have planted bombs near the finish line of the Boston Marathon on Monday reached the United States in 2002 after their ethnic Chechen family fled the Caucasus. They had been living in the Central Asian republic of Kyrgyzstan and were prevented from resettling in war-racked Chechnya.

In speaking about his boxing career in 2009, Tamerlan said he would not want to represent Russia, a hint that past troubles were not forgotten. In recent months, he appeared increasingly drawn to radical Islam. On a YouTube channel, he shared videos of lectures from a radical Islamic cleric; in one, voices can be heard singing in Arabic as bombs explode.
As I indicated in the footnote to my previous post, the Seattle metropolitan area has a large "Russian" immigrant community; "Russian" is in quotes because, by ethnicity and nation-of-origin, it is "Russian" only because it speaks that language; there are nearly as many Ukranians as actual Russians, for example, and I see many tattoos and bumper stickers, among other signs, indicating a connection to Chechnya.

If the mad "Russian" bombers are exporting their insane savagery to my area, I don't think I'll be going out unarmed if I can avoid it at all...

Anyway. Back to the topic of making the facts fit the narrative, somehow:  CNN Claims Pressure Cooker Bombs Somehow ‘Signature’ of Extreme Right Terrorists | NewsBusters

As Newsbusters points out, the CNN article fails to cite a single case of a "right wing" terrorism using pressure cookers. This pretty much ties in with all the claims by the leftist media, not to mention the hopes and prayers of leftists everywhere, that "Please let it have been a white man!" (IIRC, ran an article with that title, almost word-for-word.)

Early in the days of this blog, I caught some flak for suggesting that it is a mistake to "ass-you-me that any act of terrorism must have been committed by a Muslim", or that all Muslims are terrorists. 
I still do not believe every Muslim is a terrorist. 

Unfortunately, the Muslim world does not seem very interested in proving otherwise.

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