Saturday, May 11, 2013


I am told this is a very important development: Ball corporation pint-and-a-half canning jars are back in stock, for the first time in years.


greg said...

Hmmm...that is kind of big news...sometimes a pint of applesauce is barely enough for my family of 4 at dinner time, but a quart is too much. That might be a ver convienent size.

Drang said...

Thousands, if not millions, of canners have been clamoring for this size.
There is a brand of pasta sauce that comes in pint and a half jars, that standard canning jar lids will fit on, but there is something about the construction of the necks that makes them less than ideal.
And, yes, sometimes a pint is not enough but a quart is too much.

Drang said...

Buy 'em here: Ball® Wide Mouth Jars 1 ½-pt at Fresh Preserving Store
The Ball Corporation's website ( is for industrial and commercial packaging; the site for home canning is Canning | Canning Jars | Preserving | Ball Jars