Friday, July 19, 2013

what a mess

A tasty, tasty, mess.

While on vacation, Mrs. Drang asked my mother for a couple of her recipes.  I was so busy enjoying the scenery I failed to chime in with a request for one for my favorites: Mom's Corn Fritters. They were actually corn pancakes, since she cooked them on the griddle instead of deep frying them, but with a side of bacon and covered in maple syrup they were heaven on a plate.

And I woke up on my day off with a hankering.

If only there were some vast, interconnected network, a web if you will, of information...

Oh, wait!

So, after wading through two or three pages of search results, all making pancakes instead of corn muffins or corn bread, I found some that had actual corn in the pancakes, which is what made Mom's so special.

OK, the easy way is a box corn muffin mix, with a can of creamed corn added.

Yummy!  Eventually.  No pics.  To tasty to run get camera.

  • If adding creamed corn, reduce milk.  I wound up with a far too soupy batter, and adding Bisquik to thicken.  I suppose you could use whole kernel corn, drained if canned, and not have that problem.
  • Like someone whose kitchen experience is strictly watching Mom cook, I had the griddle turned up to high, and then turning it down when it was hot enough to cook pancakes.  And then not waiting until it had cooled off enough to cook safely.  Threw half the results out.
  • Didn't have all my stuff ready before getting started. The "mess" mostly involved tossing stuff in the sink to deal with later, and in at least one case grabbing the wrong tool.  (Yeah, I know there's a fancy cook's term for this, whatever.)
  • Posting to the blog before telling Mrs. Drang -- that sound you just heard is her reading this and wondering what state I left her kitchen in.


Ms.Elaine-ious said...

But I am quite sure that it will all be cleaned up before I get home from work day. Otherwise I will not be able to prepare your dinner.

Ms.Elaine-ious said...

Does this mean that I need to buy another can of creamed corn before I can make corn pudding?

Drang said...

Well, one of us does.

greg said...

If you like that, then the next time you make chili, make up that same batter, and cook up Corn Bread Waffles to serve the chili on. AMAZING!!!!!