Sunday, August 18, 2013


Found here: POPVOX - Issue Spotlight: Firearms and Gun Control -
Includes a list of "recently introduced" bills, to wit:
  • HR 3018, Gun Violence Prevention and Safe Communities Act, to increase the excise tax and special occupational tax in respect of firearms and to increase the transfer tax on any other weapon.
  • HR 2648, To prohibit the sale or other disposition of a firearm to, and the possession, shipment, transportation, or receipt of a firearm by, certain classes of high-risk individuals.
  • HR 2959, National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act,  to provide a national standard in accordance with which nonresidents of a State may carry concealed firearms in the State.
  • HRes 318, A resolution expressing disapproval over the gun violence plaguing America's communities, and calling on the Congress to enact comprehensive gun reforms that reduce gun violence.
  • HR 2799, Sportsmen's Heritage And Recreational Enhancement (SHARE) Act, To establish the Wildlife and Hunting Heritage Conservation Council Advisory Committee to advise the Secretaries of the Interior and Agriculture on wildlife and habitat conservation, hunting, recreational shooting. 
  • S 1337, Crime Gun Tracing Act, to promote the tracing of firearms used in crimes.
  • S 1335, Sportsmen's Act, to protect and enhance opportunities for recreational hunting, fishing, and shooting. to protect and enhance opportunities for recreational hunting, fishing, and shooting.
  • HR 2665, To ensure secure gun storage and gun safety devices.
  • HR 2567, Child Handgun Safety Act, To require that all handguns manufactured, sold in, or imported into, the United States incorporate technology that precludes the average five year old child from operating the handgun when it is ready to fire.
  • S 1212, Target Practice and Marksmanship Training Support Act,  to facilitate the establishment of additional or expanded public target ranges in certain States. (And HR 2463.)
  • HR 2464, Improving Gun Safety Standards Act, To remove the exclusion of pistols, revolvers, and other firearms from the definition of "consumer product" in order to permit the issuance of safety standards for such articles by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.
  • HR 2405, Firearm Recidivist Sentencing Act, to clarify the circumstances under which the enhanced penalty provisions for subsequent convictions apply.
  • HR 2910, Gun Violence Prevention and Reduction Act, To protect American children and their families from the epidemic of gun violence by banning access to certain weapons, strengthening the Nation's mental health infrastructure, and improving the understanding of gun violence.
  • HR 2625, Student Protection Act, would end the practice of using federal taxpayer dollars to subsidize schools that enforce "Zero Tolerance" policies, according to the bill sponsor.
  • HR 2465, Recognizing Gun Violence as a Public Health Emergency Act, To require the Surgeon General of the Public Health Service to submit to Congress an annual report on the effects of gun violence on public health.
  • S 903, Alien Gun Violence Prevention Act, to prevent the sale of firearms to all “nonimmigrant aliens” and require any non-U.S. citizen attempting to purchase a firearm to reside for at least 90 days in the state of purchase, according to the bill sponsor.

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Brigid said...

I was looking for the one to keep Joe Biden away from a loaded shotgun. THAT would be dangerous.