Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fun Show, 10/12/13

Finally figured out that the .45 Mrs Drang has been trying to find (again) is a Star PD. I'd been looking at a nice refinished one with aftermarket grips, which I had seen at every show I went to for months. I guess she was looking at it, too.
  • It's gone, but we found 2 others, one like new, the other beat up but functional--and cheaper, of course.  Neither has followed us home, yet, but at least we know which it was...
  • One of the guys also had a Colt 1903, which had been refinished long enough ago that the new finish had itself aged nicely.
ARs are now readily available for ~$600.00. I may scrap my plan to build Mrs Drang one, and just buy her one and paint it.  Teal blue, the last I heard.

Ammo supplies are OK.  Prices are back to just a little more than they were last year this time, albeit some variance by caliber.  (.44 Special seems to be the most expensive, for some reason, and .22 LR still the hardest to find, at least locally.)

Things you don't think about buying at gun shows: In addition to Beanie Babies and jerky and jewelry, we can now add camera bags to the list. Condor Tactical now has a camera bag with MOLLE attachment points on it.  The only other such a camera bag I've seen was by Hazard 4, and Condor is far more affordable.  ( And probably less durable, but I'm not a combat cameraman...)  The bag that came with the DSLR is just about big enough for the DSLR and little else, so I've been wanting a replacement.  This should do just dandy, with the MOLLE I can attach a water bottle holder, maybe a first aid kit, etc.

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