Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fun Show 10/13/2013

So, on Sunday I went back to the Fun Show and helped teach an NRA Home Firearms Safety class.

Alas, the day was a nice one, so we only had maybe half the people who had originally said they'd be there, which experience tells us probably means we only had about a third that would have been there if it had been a chilly and/or rainy day.  Only one adult there with a youngster, which was maybe even more disappointing.  Oh, well.

Went well, nevertheless.

We always try to make a point that we're not there to talk politics, or to advise folks on gun purchases.   it is, of course, getting harder and harder to avoid at lest acknowledging political issues.

 Not that that means I was entirely justified in making those cracks when discussing the AR15 about features (pistol grip, magazine release) that are evil and illegal in California...

Mea culpa.

Plus, once again, a student was asking us for more detailed advice about "What gun should I get for self-defense?" than we like to give. (All joking aside, I do try to avoid using the "Anything that starts with a '4' and ends with a '5'" trope.)

Also, it turns out that someone does sell 7.62x54R dummy rounds.  (They have most calibers likely to be needed, except for .22LR.  Plus some interesting sounding training aids.)(More if you scroll down.)(Plus, they also sell Bullet Jewelry making Supplies.)

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