Friday, October 4, 2013


Just scared the crap out of the cats yelling "YES, YES, YES!!!!

Amazon has Kindle editions of John Meyers Meyers' books!  SilverlockThe Moon's Fire-Eating Daughter: A Sequel to Silverlock!  (The claim that this is a sequel to Silverlock is misleading.) Historical novels Dead Warrior and I, Jack Swilling and The Wild Yazoo!  and western history The Saga of Hugh Glass! Historicals Out on Any Limb: An Elizabethan Adventure and  Harp And The Blade: A Medieval Adventure!

Now they need to digitize The Alamo and Deaths of the Bravos (AKA Bravos of the West.) 

Note that the John Myers Myers Page does not show most of these. And there does not seem to be an John Meyers Meyers Kindle page.

Update: Publisher is Prologue Books.  At this time, their web pages do not show ANY of the John Meyers Meyers books. They have a lot of other stuff, including A Bertram Chandler and E.E. "Doc" Smith.

NOTE: Today, Silverlock is a Kindle Daily Deal, ninety-nine cents.(Expired, but the books are still available) 

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