Saturday, November 23, 2013

Fun Show AAR 11/23/2013

Washington Arms Collectors show today.

Still not a lot of .22 LR out there.  Kickin' myself for not buying a case or so when we were in Reno for  the GBR in September.

Other calibers are in good supply, prices are a lot closer to where they were a year ago than 6 months ago.

One exception: prices of .44 Special are exorbitant.

I haven't seen so many Mauser Broomhandles for sale in... ever, I think.

Lots and lots of other antique-ish (not to say Curio and Relic) handguns, as well, many century+ old revolvers.

No sign of the Star PD Mrs. Drang was fondling last month. Guy that had the new-in-box one sold it, and the guy selling the beater we saw (for a C-Note less, with more mags) was a no-show.
  • I note that there are several for sale on Gun Broker right now. (I spent all that time researching where to get magazines, replacement springs and other parts, replacement grips...) 
  • So now Mrs. Drang is asking guys who sell used guns to look out for a Star PD for her. 
  • One flat-out refused. Jerk. 
  • Others were cool with it. 
  • She is also looking at newer guns, ones that are actually still in production...
Interesting: Just Right Carbine. Pistol-caliber carbine, uses Glock or 1911 mags, ambidextrous.

Looking at holsters, really need to upgrade the Don Hume IWB clip holster I've been using with the Combat Commander.  Blade-Tech has a small presence, oddly, considering the plant is a short distance from the show.  Didn't have the models I want.

Meanwhile, there's a new kid in town, K Rounds, closer to me than to the show, which looks kinda like someone bailed from Blade Tech and decided to make their own take on it...
(Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

Plus the usual suspect had his table full of Kramer holsters.
(Throw in Seattle Gun Rights Examiner and leathersmith Dave Workman, and it starts to sound like Pugetopolis is the center of the stuff-to-stuff-your-gat-in world...)

Show was crowded today.  The October show is usually the biggest of the year, since there's no show at the Puyallup fairgrounds in September (what with the fair and all), but November and December are close seconds.  (Dave has some more on that at the link to his Examiner column above.)

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NotClauswitz said...

As the/our move is over and we are settling, there is still a lot of murk and flotsam in the unsettled water, as it were - but I want a Garrett Industries Silent Thunder Fusion (holster) for my commander - I think... (