Saturday, December 7, 2013

"Task Force"

(Originally posted from my cell phone; typos corrected...)

Walked in on Task Force, with Gary Cooper and Walter Brennan, on TCM.  The movie follows the development of naval aviation from 1922 through WWII; I walked in on the aftermath of Midway.  The next scene was off Okinawa, so obviously I missed most of it.
Cooper was his usual self, convincing as the taciturn Man Of Action, less so when trying to show weakness.
Odd to see Walter Brennan in a role played straight...
I will say that they did a good job selecting "live" (Combat Camera) footage to use, no F4Fs in 1945, TBMs not TBFs, the Japanese aircraft really were, etc.
Found myself ID'ing aircraft by wing shape, landing gear, windscreen; guess some stuff never goes away...

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